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GDPR Article 14 Notice SHS is a data processor for the purposes of the GDPR and its representative is Pio Pisani ; the Independent Data Protection Officer in SHS data is used only for the purposes of customer initiated projects; the purpose is for Business-to-Business activities only;

all processing is carried out within the Malta  and commonwealth your data is not transferred beyond these regions without prior consent; we have appropriate safeguards in place to protect your data as set out in our ISO27001 policies; generally we retain emailed information for seven years and project data for three years; you have the rights expressed in the GDPR regulations to have copies of your data and where relevant request corrections and revisions; should you request the deletion of your personal data this is subject to the conditions of the data controller with statutory record retention periods; regarding consent should this be withdrawn from SHS Limited then there is no manual alternative to our computerised operations so you would be unable to continue as a customer of SHS Ltd; following an unsuccessful request to SHS you then have the right to refer to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office for consideration; SHS Limited does not use automated processing in any form as decision making. If your email has been forwarded from a third party or colleague then this notice serves additionally for Article 14 of the Regulations.

GDPR compliance.
(1) Introduction to your digital rights.

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(2) GDPR EU Directive replacing the 1995 Data Protection Directive.

This disclaimer was created in line with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 and Inline with the British Assessment Bureau ISO 27001
SHS and its subsidiaries  have invested in technology that ensures privacy by design.

Data moves freely within our chosen in the cloud platforms
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