Its so simple using the colour code system explained in this video:

SubscriptionTV has tens of thousands of episodes, so learning how to use the handset search facility opens up all sorts of possibilities and it’s surprisingly logical and easy to use.

The 4 colour buttons on the top of the handset correspond to search functionality within the Subscription TV box

As an example, go to Video Club and click all
Nearly 9000 recordings pop up and connected to those recording are thousands of episodes.

Click red button and you are asked if you would like to proceed with list or list plus information

Click green button and you can search by add time, by rating, by title, HD only , favourites only and any show you have watched recently but you didn’t end.

Yellow allow you to add favourites, you can customise your box at all times.

The blue button brings up a key board, this is where you search for a specific programme or film

As an example let’s search for doctor who, after typing doct, you will see a load of films and series appear on the left hand side, at the top is doctor who.

Click house on left hand side of handset, arrow down to cancel click OK, now navigate straight into doctor who with every episode from 2005, click OK to start.

This basic functionality works on every section of the Video Club.

Lets now search the movie section

Click movies
You have a choice of over 4000 movies

Click blue this time and down arrow to picking
You have 3 tumblers under your control
The first tumbler is alphabetical, I usually leave that on red star which means entire alphabet.
Side arrow to middle tumbler, let’s select comedy and click ok
Click the third tumbler to 2018, click ok
You will notice that there are 90 recordings or so at the bottom.
Now click house and the find section disappears, now you are ready to navigate.
Using bottom arrow Scroll down to Oceans eight as an example and click ok to play.

Some recordings have a choice of quality that you must select before you are allowed to play.