Why is network TV so awful while Netflix, Sky and Amazon get better and better?

TV used to be the definition of awful shows in the visual arts, and was so bad that one famous quote described it as a “wasteland.”

To be a TV actor, writer, director, etc. was akin to St Trinians or confessions of a window cleaner… absolutely abysmal quality.

But cable and then streaming services developed brilliant rich, detailed, box set series that not only approached the quality of film but sometimes surpassed it.

Yet every time you go back and try out some new series from a network TV channel, it looks like it was made a decade or more ago. The cast are a bunch of fashion models, the dialogue is filled in on some formula sheet, the scenes are all shot and edited exactly the same, and they all seem to shot in either LA ,Vancouver or London somewhere.

They do the same, exact things over and over that they’ve been doing since 1995. What the hell ! where do they get the funding from ?

It can’t even be that they’re just an ad-supported system, because so are basic US and Euro cable networks.

So why is my internet supplier TV so rubbish ?

Why have they completely ignored every single lesson demonstrated by great shows from the past and wonderful new box sets on Netflix and Amazon etc.

Answer: You get what you pay for !

Or put it another way, your internet supplier only want to sell internet bandwidth, TV programming is definitely not their bag, and you are probably experiencing that right now!

If you expect decent quality programming adjoined to your internet supplier package you are going to be forever disappointed.

The real answer comes within a complete service that provides multiple quality channel supplies on feeds that are paid pay for ( at wholesale prices ) and then streamed to your subscriptiontv.co.uk BOX from a data house.

Make you house TV happy

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