TV Series

Click house or Home button
Scroll to Video Club at the bottom of the screen.
Using up and down arrows scroll to TV series.
All the latest TV series are available on
Subscription TV super quick, usually instantly at time of general release.
Click OK
Here you will notice well over 1100 recordings
On page one you can see all the latest episodes released today
Scroll down and you will see yesterday, scroll further you will see last week.
Once you embark on a series that you like, click the yellow button to mark favourite.
This makes it easy to find when the next episode is released.
As an example, you may have watched the first series of Black Lightening and it’s marked as a favourite.
When the second series commences, you will see the first episode arrive for you to commence.
It’s brilliant
On any episode, right click twice for detailed information
Left click once to escape.
Subscription TV Video club

Click house or Home button
Scroll to Video Club at bottom of screen
Up and down button to ALL
Click OK
This is the route to viewing all video and TV at the same time.
On the day this was written there was 8753 recordings on this page

Subscription TV Movie section

Movie section
Hit the house or Home button to start
Scroll to Video Club at bottom
Arrow up or down to Movies
4395 movies on the day this was written
14 new films added today

Subscription TV Classic Movie section

Subscription TV Comedy section