Subscription TV is hosted in a state of the art Data House with a guaranteed 99.999% uptime

No internet provider or TV manufacturer can rival these statistics.

A) So if you have a problem, firstly reboot TV box by turning off the power


B) Secondly reboot your internet box

This may take a few minutes.

Now check that your internet is working from a different device eg your phone or Ipad


C) Sometimes your TV will disconnect the source

( its inexplicable and a TV issue not related to the box ! )

Typically your TV screen is empty even though your TV Box and internet is on.

Find your TV handset and click the source button, now toggle to a different source until the TV box magically re appears on your screen.


D) The SORT button on your Subscription TV handset ( green ) is a brilliant option for sorting out massive amounts of choice, its only peccadillo is that it never automatically reverts to ‘by add time ‘ or ‘by title’¬†

This feature can trick you into thinking you have lost all your channels !! So check before you call 

If you are really stuck and this has not resolved your issue click here