There are usually multiple channels when watching pay per view, irrespective of the sport.

Learn how to check the channel numbers in just a few seconds by going to the information channel above the ALL under the TV section

We recommend adding the chosen channel numbers to favourites by clicking the yellow F3 button on your handset for each channel you may want to see in the future

The above example is for box office boxing.

When you return for any future box office event simply click the green F2 button on your handset and sort by favourites.

Suddenly 280 sports channels are reduced to the few channels you have selected.

Remember: when using sort, its good practice to return to ‘by number’ or ‘by title’ after you initial selection has been made.

If you do not adopt this practice, when you return it looks like all you channels have disappeared !

Same good practice applies to the green button in all sections especially the Video Club (all recorded )