Signing contracts to watch the latest film release or blockbuster box set seems the norm these days doesn’t it?

We are all bombarded with Sky this and Netflix that BT plan this and Freeview plan that … with a bewildering combination of availability if you sign here today only £xxx for 24 months

Are you serious ? Really ! It all costs a fortune

Then you have the neighbours advice don’t you ? Firestick…. stick it in take it out through the lap top, down load this app then do this that or the other and if that doesn’t work try this or get this box from Freddy my mate, its quite good, it works most of the time

“Yeah thanks for the headache, I’m going to stick to my provider.”

Do you know that The US and The UK have contracted providers, the rest of Europe predominantly do not, they aren’t that stupid.

A Euro provider pays for all the feeds, its completely legal and their box works anywhere in the world just plug into TV and internet box Voila!

“So you get ALL the UK and US TV providers on a Euro box? Yep”

“Well I don’t believe you”

“Then stay with your contract sucker”

£25 monthly non sporty

£35 monthly sporty including all pay per view

Join a million users and stop the contracts forever.

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